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Antique Style Popcorn Wagon

The popcorn wagon can easily be operated by one person but is roomy enough for several people to work in comfort inside the wagon.  The optional second serve window on the main side of the wagon can serve more customers.

The popcorn wagon can be moved short distances on it's own wheels or can be trailered from location to location. The wagon easily rolls on flat pavement by a single person.

The wagon is self contained with an on board fresh water storage tank and a grey water holding tank below.  There is an on demand pressure pump for water pressure, or it can be hooked to a garden hose supply.  The electrical system is sufficient for any needed vending units and it's electrical inlet is standard RV type application electrical supply for using on site electrical RV outlet supply or portable generator use.

The popcorn wagon is equipped with a standard 14 oz. popper or can be upgraded to huge popcorn outputs as needed.  There is also space for additional vending units such as hot dogs, soda pop, snow cones, display, etc.
We can furnish the wagon with any equipment you may need, or you can equip it yourself.

Standard with:

12/14 oz. popper
Pressure water and 3 sinks
Hot water heater

Fresh and gray water storage
Stainless steel counters
Exhaust fan above popper

Popcorn Wagon Specifications here

Blue window closeup
Antique Style Popcorn Wagon 

Photos shown with optional equipment

Back view popcorn wagon

Base price  $22,990.00

Shorter 10 ft. Popcorn Wagon

Blue window signs

New design option with upper transparent
blue window signs.

The optional transparent blue signs add a classic look of the old popcorn wagons of the past for a dramatic eye catching look. Attract customers by eye and aroma appeal as you pop a fresh batch of popcorn.  

    Retractable Awnings

    Upper blue window signs
    Larger capacity popcorn popper
        (many models available)
    Additional vending units
        (hot dogs, snow cones, etc.)
    Additional sinks
    Custom stainless ice bins
    Air conditioning / heating
    Natural finish wood wheels
    Tongue with coupler   
        (allows wagon to be pulled by vehicle under 10 mph speed)

Custom sizes and configurations are our specialty!  Please inquire.
Blue sign front

PW-10 popcorn wagon

PW-10  Short Traditional Size Wagon.

popcorn wagon front 

Custom Wagon

Wood wheel
Optional Natural Wood Wheels

White popcorn wagon    
Optional Custom Colors and Styles

Create a unique looking wagon for a particular location.

Standard bay wagon

Here's a vew of an enlarged bay with an optional bay window PW-13

Inside bay popcorn wagon

Inside extended bay, sinks, optional bay window. Lots of room for vending machines.