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Tangley Calliaphone Kit

Close up whistles

The Tangley Calliaphone Calliope is available in a kit form
This is a 'screw together' kit with no soldering or machine work required.
Normal shop hand tools and a fair amount of 'handy' skills are all that
 is required to be able to assemble this instrument.  The kit is complete.
You can assemble a beautiful instrument.

Included in each kit:

  • Voiced, polished, lacquered and tuned Brass Whistles
  • Valve manifold
  • Keyboard assembly
  • Cabinet ready to assemble and finish
  • Panels painted and ready for assembly
  • All brass moldings, trim, etc,  polished and lacquered for assembly
  • All hardware, tubing, etc. needed for completion
  • Completed blower unit
  • 1 year warranty
  • Pre-assembled pneumatic stack
  • "A" roll frame in the model KCA kit only.

Assembly Outline:

  1. Screw and glue together wood cabinet (pre-cut), finish as desired
  2. Assemble metal panels to cabinet and attach handles, nipples, trim, etc. (requires some drilling and fitting).
  3. Install and adjust valve manifold and keyboard.
  4. Cut and run rubber tubing from manifold to each whistle.
  5. Install roll frame and pneumatic stack assembly, tube tracker bar to pneumatic stack, attach each pneumatic to it's key on the keyboard. (Model KCA 43 only)
  6. Hook up blower
  7. Have fun,  it is now complete.