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The Tangley Calliaphone is the only real brass whistle calliope manufactured today!   The beautiful, happy music produced by a Tangley Calliope can be heard a 1/4 mile or more.  The Excursion Boat Special can be heard up to a mile or more away. Anyone within hearing range is immediately drawn to the music and their attention is yours.  The calliope is the greatest advertising tool ever invented!! 

Tangley Calliaphone Calliope Models

CA - 43 Tangley Calliaphone Calliope
43 Note Tangley Calliaphone

43 National Calliope
43 Note National Style Calliope

CA-53 National Calliope

53 Note National Style

Theatre Special Calliope
STA-43 Theatre Special

STA - 58 Calliope
STA-58 Theatre Special

Riverboat Calliope

The Excursion Boat Special Calliope
Every Calliope is individually crafted and built for you with special attention to details. Delivery is 1 - 4 months
 with immediate delivery sometimes available
 for the CA-43 model. A deposit places your order.

Genuine brass and painted steel exterior make this a durable instrument that will last.  It has a keyboard for manual play and an automatic playing roll frame using the A type music roll. It can also be equipped with a midi operating automatic player system. The midi player makes it possible to play any song automatically on the Calliope.

There are different models available to fit many different needs, from catching the ears of people over a mile away, to being in a living room with one of the finely crafted hardwood cabinet Theatre Special models.  The
Tangley and National style Calliopes are great for parades, and general crowd gathering appeal.

This Calliope is as good as they get.  They are hugely dependable and rugged for over the road use. They look great too.

Beware of imitations!
A genuine Calliope is one made with real brass whistles.  Fake brass whistles (spray painted PVC pipe) don't stand up to the beauty and durability of authentic brass.
Replace 'A' music roll frame with a  Midi Operating System
on any Calliope model
for $995.00 

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