Miner Company LLC


43 Note National Style Calliope

Model CA -43N  
Price - $10,990.00

The CA- 43N is a 43 note National Style Calliope. The great, eye catching style of the 53 National, with the smaller size of the 43 note instrument.  The 43 National Calliope is a rare instrument.  You can own an unique Calliope with this instrument. With it's internal blower, it is self contained and ready to go.

43 National Style Calliope


43 National Whistles

Upgrade to the
Midi Operating System
when ordering any New Calliope model

Built for hard use, the CA-43N will stand up to years of "over the road" use in advertising, parades, fairs, carnivals, circuses, etc. The reliability is proven with hundreds of instruments in use.