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Makers of the Tangley Calliaphone Calliope and other fine products.

Building high quality products for over 32 years.  Our beautiful products sold around the world are guaranteed to satisfy you.

Calliope Car front
Calliope Vehicles

A Calliope mounted on a vehicle works great for transporting and parade use. The Calliope delights the ears and the fantastic truck or trailer leaves a lasting visual impression!  The Model TT Ford Circus Truck is a genuine Model TT, restored to perfection,  after hearing the Calliope,  will catch every eye in sight, and draw people's attention.  This Calliope Car is quite the show stopper.
The Calliope trailers and trucks are also great parade vehicles that can light up the parade route with exciting music and an eye catching look.

Tangely Calliaphone Calliope   

Six Calliope Models

Invented as an air driven instrument in the early 1900's, the Tangley Calliaphone is the only real brass whistle calliope manufactured today!   The beautiful, happy music produced by a Miner Company Calliope can be heard from a distance to attract listeners from all around.  There are six Calliope Models to choose from,  from the Excursion Boat Special that can be heard over a mile away, the Tangley Calliaphone Calliope, the National Calliope style, to one of the standard models for parade use, heard 1/4 mile away or more, to the Theatre Special models that can be played in your living room.

Popcorn Wagon

Antique Style Popcorn Wagon

Built with an old fashioned look and new fresh interior for eye catching appeal and clean food prep area, the Antique Style Popcorn Wagon will draw hungry crowds after some  popcorn, caramel corn, hot dogs, cotton candy, and many more food treats.  This old style popcorn wagon can also be used for various other menu ideas making this an ideal food vending wagon for it's unique look. The old fashioned Model TT Ford Popcorn Truck also has a look that won't be missed, built with a genuine Model TT chassis.
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